Advocacy and participation

Programmes for the protection of children’s rights

aim to implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other acts that concern children, young people, and families.

  • The National Committee for the Rights of the Child; works on a wide range of children’s rights (violence towards and among children, children with special needs, participation of children, children’s health, etc.).
  • Forum against Physical Punishment of Children; its main aim is to raise public awareness that physical punishment of children is not an appropriate educational measure.
  • Forum for Children’s Rights in Hospital; its main aim is asserting the rights of ill children during the time of medical treatment in hospitals, and working in the field of children’s healthcare.
Week of the child®

The programme is intended for both children and adults. With the Week of the child we strive to actively and intensely address all issues related to the position of children in society and the implementation of their rights.

Week of the child® is a registered trademark of SAFY.

– First week in October –

Children’s Parliament®

is a programme that aims to educate children about democracy and active citizenship. We encourage children to actively participate in the society and educate them about human and citizen rights. Around 3.000 primary school pupils from more than 200 primary schools in Slovenia participate in the programme every year.

Children’s Parliament® is a registered trademark of SAFY.

– During the school year –

Center for advocacy and information about the rights of children and youth

is a network of 40 NGOs working in the field of protection of children’s rights. The center is intended to support and strengthen NGOs through information and involvement in various joint actions to prevent and correct violations of children’s rights.

Education for active citizenship

Europe in School

is an annual competition that aims to familiarise children and young people with the European themes linked to the objectives of sustainable development. The competition encourages pupils and students to think outside the box about topics that reach beyond the borders of Slovenia.

– During the school year –

Young Researchers – Young Historians

is a programme that encourages pupils to conduct serious research work and ensures the preservation of cultural heritage. The programme has been implemented for over 50 years and is run by The Commission for the Work of Historical Society with academic experts in the fields of history, ethnology, geography, etc. More than 400 pupils take part in the programme annually.

– During the school year –

Free time programmes

Holiday and leisure activities

include different types of holidays, such as vacation and health holidays, holidays for children from underprivileged families, holidays for children with special needs, winter holidays, etc. We also organise different free time activities. We organise extracurricular and research workshops, sports and cultural programmes, entertainment and creative activities.

Social and humanitarian programmes

TOM telefon®

“Conversation is the answer.”

TOM TELEFON® – Telephone for children and young people – is a free anonymous counselling programme that provides psycho-social support to children and young people. A free telephone line (116 111) is available every day between noon and 8pm. In addition to telephone conversations, counselling is available via e-mail at and at an internet chatroom at TOM TELEFON® receives almost 40.000 calls, e-questions and e-chats every year.

TOM TELEFON® – Telephone for children and young people – is a registered trademark of SAFY.


A wink to the sun®

A wink to the sun® is a programme with which we want to offer free holidays to as many children as possible. With donated funds we are able to offer children carefree discovery and development of their talents.

A wink to the sun® is a registered trademark of SAFY.