About us

Zveza prijateljev mladine (ZPMS) means Slovenian Association of friends of youth (SAFY).


SAFY is non-govermental, voluntary, philanthropic and non-profitable organization. Its basic aim is to raise the quality of life for children, young people and families in which we want to represent their interests, assert to their needs and protect their rights. The organization has more than 6 decades of tradition and its programmers are marked by high degree of professionally, quality and success. SAFY is dedicated to promoting the values of voluntary work and child benefit.


SAFY consist of own 112 community associations and municipal associations of friends of youth, covering the entire territory of Slovenia. The whole organization has more than 5.000 volunteers.

SAFY as organization on the national level has programmes independently serving the interests of its members, as well national programmes and programmes which are a synthesis of the activities carried out by its individual member associations and municipal associations of friends of youth.

SAFY was founded in 1953 and during this time it has become an indispensable part of the contemporary civil society. It deals with social issues, which concern children, youth and families. The basic SAFY activities are founded on voluntary efforts and friendly interpersonal relations.

  • voluntary work,
  • non-profitable work,
  • positive life values
  • tolerance towards others,
  • equal possibilities for all children, youth and families, participating in our programmes,
  • open working environment, enabling us to establish contacts with related organizations.